How To Fix Hail Damage On A Car: 3 Simple Ways

How To Fix Hail Damage On A Car

How To Fix Hail Damage On A Car: 3 Simple Ways

Discovering hail damage on your car can be distressing, but there are effective ways to repair it. Learn How To Fix Hail Damage On A Car with simple methods, from heating and cooling to dent repair kits. Whether it’s minor dents or significant damage, these steps can help restore your car’s appearance.

Heating And Cooling Method 1.1 Using Dry Ice:

  • Effectively fix hail damage by applying dry ice.
  • Caution: Handle dry ice with gloves to prevent skin damage.
  • Additional repairs may be needed for comprehensive results.

1.2 Parking In A Sunny Place:

  • Park your car in a sunny area to utilize temperature changes.
  • Metal heating and expanding can help pop out shallow dents.
  • Longer exposure increases the likelihood of success.

1.3 Using Hot Air:

  • Use a hair dryer to fix dents if sunlight isn’t an option.
  • Maintain a distance of 2-4 inches; limit use to 2 minutes.
  • Stop if paint discolors and use a rubbing compound for correction.

Using A Dent Repair Kit

  • Ideal for small dents on the car hood.
  • Kits include knockdown tools, glue guns, and stems for various dents.
  • Simple and user-friendly, suitable for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Recommended for minor dents; professional help for deeper ones.

Sending Your Car To A Garage

  • Professional garage repair is advisable for large or deep dents.
  • Fast and cost-effective solutions, sometimes requiring a new paint job.
  • Compare services and prices for the best garage repair option.

Types of Hail Damage and Repair

  • Cosmetic damage: PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) for small dents without paint damage.
  • Cosmetic paint damage: Treatment involves pounding, filling, sanding, priming, and repainting.
  • Major damage: Severe hail may flex body panels, shatter windshields, requiring extensive repairs.

What Size Hail Will Damage a Car?

  • No specific size limit for hail damage; depends on various factors.
  • Velocity, wind direction, and vehicle attributes impact damage.
  • Larger hail, quarter-size and larger, generally causes dents and dings.

How To Prevent Hail Damage On Your Car

  • Seek covered parking during hailstorms.
  • Use moving blankets, comforters, or floor mats to cushion hail impact.
  • Consider portable storm shelters or inflatable car covers for additional protection.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Hail Damage?

  • Repair times vary based on the severity of the damage.
  • Light to moderate damage may take 1 to 3 days; heavy damage may require 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Factors like body shop involvement, paintwork, and panel replacement influence repair times.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

  • Check comprehensive coverage for protection against hail damage.
  • Normal liability policies do not cover storm damage.
  • Compare repair costs to insurance deductibles; comprehensive coverage is recommended.


Fixing hail damage on your car is manageable with the right methods. Whether opting for DIY solutions or professional garage repair, addressing the damage promptly is crucial. Remember to consider preventative measures and check your insurance coverage. For the best car detailing and hail damage repair in McKinney, TX, Precision Auto Hail Repair at 1513 S Tennessee St #105 offers top-notch services.